Insomnia and YouTube

I did not know kombucha has so much caffeine.👀 I came across a group photo the other day of the Treleavens. Since I couldn't sleep I uploaded a youtube video I've been working on. I didn't know a lot about this family until about 5 years ago. Now they are some of my favourites, so I've given each of them a close up.🎥  Good night!

About the photo -

In 1882 John and Eunice Treleaven moved from Lucknow, Ontario and homesteaded near Crystal City, Manitoba.
They crossed into North Dakota where John farmed until 1902. When he retired they moved to a small cottage on Moffat Avenue in Pilot Mound, Manitoba.

John was a robust, jovial individual. Both John and Eunice were very kind to the grandchildren, their home a joy to visit. This photo is from their  Diamond Wedding Anniversary  which was celebrated Jan 1, 1904 at the Pilot Mound Hotel. Their eight children, their spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren were present. Their daughter, Eunice Marie Secord had died two years before but her widower, Charles Secord, daughter Maud Buckland and grandchild Frances Buckland, attended. Eunice  Willard Treleaven died  just nine months later on Sept 10, 1904. (edited from "Notes by Margaret Howison")

They were my 3rd Great Grandparents💓

Update: Read more about Minerva Treleaven and the family here.

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