#52 Ancestors Week 52 - "Resolutions"

I resolve to get this posted within the last 12 hours of 2018! While accepting this challenge has been a lot of fun, I am going to take this coming year off. I'll dedicate 2019 to following up on some of the ancestors I have discovered. Like all genealogists, I've got some brick walls I am determined to break through. More of my family members gave each other DNA testing kits for Christmas, so their results will add to the tapestry of our story. Very excited about that.

#52 Ancestors Week 51 -"Nice"

Keziah Miles Goodman Warner Maw
I remembered seeing a family who gave every one of the children Goodman for a middle name. Male and female. The prompt "Nice" led me to Goodman. A bit of a stretch, but it really paid off. I found out about the family and also took a detour into American history. They are my maternal ancestors. I wrote about my 1st cousin 5x removed Edward Maw here. Keziah Miles Goodman Warner (1834 - 1914) was his fourth wife. In succession, not as a polygamist! They were amongst the earliest Mormons who joined Brigham Young in settling Salt Lake City, Utah. 

#52 Ancestors Week 50 - "Naughty"

My 8th great aunt Hannah Button (1672 - aft. 1676) was a naughty girl. In fact, so were many members of the Button family of 17th century Haverhill, Massachusetts. Notably her father Matthias Button. He had many dealings with the Massachusetts colonial judicial system. His story is too disputed and complicated for the purposes of this post, but suffice it to say, he was a scalawag.