#52 Ancestors Week 37 - "Closest To Your Birthday

Sooke, BC, Canada
Very late posting for week 37. I went to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada for a few days visiting an old friend her husband. They have two little ones under the age of 2, which is a big change! Her son is three months old and they named him Clarke which is her maiden name. That got my vote because it's a strong boy's name and will make future genealogists very happy. After that I drove to Sooke on the south western tip of the island. It was stunningly beautiful and peaceful. Gotta soak up these last few days of summer! ☀

#52 Ancestors Week 36 - "Work"

There is a lot of good info about my great grandfather, Delaski Marr's career in his obituary. My paternal grandmother kept this newspaper clipping from December 30, 1946 in The Toronto Star. He was a small town doctor who was very active in other hobbies and community organizations. Just before he passed away he attended his 3,000th birth.  He was born in Almonte, Michigan on the 21st of April, 1871. His parents were Dr. Francis Button Marr and the former Mary Ann Smith. The Marr family moved to Ridgetown, Ontario when he was a year old. He was the eldest of 3 boys. His siblings, Ralph and Freddie were born in Ridgetown but sadly both brothers died when they were very young.

#52 Ancestors Week 35 - "Back to School"

This week I'm gathering some of the information I've read (and didn't save) about my 5th great grandfather Mungo Park. He was not an academic by any stretch of the imagination. He did, however, place a big emphasis on educating his children. He and my 5th great grandmother Elspeth Hislop would have 13 children, 8 reaching the age of maturity. His sons would go on to have careers as doctors, a lawyer, a Sherriff's officer and the renown botanist, surgeon and African explorer Mungo Park, Jr.. Because of  my 5th great uncle's fame and accomplishments much has been written about him. Fortunately there have been mentions of other members of the Park family in some of his biographies. This week's prompt has given me the motivation to pull these together in one place for posterity. Mungo Park, Sr. was not an average 18th century crofter.