#52 Ancestors Week 28 - "Music"

There are so many family names that I wish I'd had known about. I really like them. They're old timey, but still classic. Eunice is one. There has been a Eunice in my paternal line since Eunice Hazen Willard in 1736. My paternal aunt is a Eunice, although she goes by her middle name. Another repeating name that I love is Minerva. Minerva was the Roman goddess of music and poetry, so I thought I'd look into 3rd great aunt Minerva Anne Treleaven Tweed who was a music teacher! Maybe her lyrical name was an omen.

#52 Ancestors Week 28 - "Travel"

I chose my 4th great grand parents William Marr, Jr. and Phoebe Earll Marr this week's "travel" prompt . They emigrated from Pennsylvania to Canada in 1799/1800.  I remembered that there was good information on how they got there, and what their lives were like as settlers. A lot of facts came from Harriet Marr Wheeler. She wrote a book called "William Marr of Northampton County Pennsylvania, and His Six Children" in 1983. She compiled a lot of official documents (land petitions and conveyances) and several first hand accounts, beginning with William Marr, Sr. 

#52 Ancestors Week 27 - "Independence"

Late with post #27 because I've been celebrating Canada's Birthday and American Independence Day. Woo hoo!😊 This week I have been finding out more about the Willards. They are a family with a long and proud American heritage, and I was unaware of my connection. I recently discovered the Willard Family Association, who helped me verify which line my ancestors belonged to. The Willards were amongst the first European Americans, 10th great grandfather Simon Willard making the voyage from Kent, England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634/1635. His descendants formed the Major Simon Willard Association in 1908 to "perpetuate historical information of our Family". In 1958 the Willard Family Association was formed to include the two other immigrant Willard siblings and their kin as well. Currently the "WFA" has evolved to include anyone bearing the surname Willard and their descendants. They're a very well organized and helpful group! They even offer up five student scholarships to any graduating high school senior who is a US citizen. If your family tree includes the surname Willard, definitely make a connection with them.