#52 Ancestors Week 45 - "Bearded"

I just realized there are only 7 more posts left in this challenge! Where did the time go? Thanks again to Amy Johnson Crow  for giving a nudge in the right direction to stay disciplined and focused with the ancestry research. I'm part a group of genealogists on Wikitree that have been sharing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks posts in a G2G forum. It's been fun forming that little community. Wikitree founder Chris Whitten and Eowyn have given us the added incentive of receiving a badge if we complete all 52 weeks and provide at least one ancestor or relative for each weekly prompt. Thanks to the challenge I have new people and sources to add to the communal tree (and some corrections to make with new sources) when this challenge is over.  It's not too late to join the Wikitree group. Everything on the site is always 100% free. If you been participating you can add your ancestor and their information here. There are links to enter each week's prompt in the upper right hand corner.

#52 Ancestors Week 44 - "Frightening"

Once during a very difficult time in my life my paternal grandmother spoke to me from the beyond.  I was going through an acrimonious divorce and was (justifiably) angry. I had been swearing like a longshoreman, not my normal self at all. The stress of dealing with the life altering events I was experiencing gave me terrible insomnia, so I was always sleep deprived. It was about 3:00 in the morning and I was waking from a bad dream. Clear as a bell, and in her distinctive voice I heard a deadpan "Boo." I bolted upright in bed. "Dearie, you have to stop with the potty mouth!," says Grandma. It was so clear! I was scared at first, thinking that I'd gone completely bonkers. Then I started laughing out loud. It was comforting somehow. My aunt (her daughter) says it was definitely her spirit communicating with me. That would have been her best advice from the grave. Hilarious!

#52 Ancestors Week 43 - "Cause of Death"

I've spent most of my genealogy research time this week fooling around with the new features on ancestry.com so I'm just getting around to posting. For the "cause of death" prompt I thought about all of the times I had to go to google to figure out what some of the names of diseases given in antiquity for COD meant. Dropsy, Bright's disease, consumption, etc. The prompt also made me think of all the childhood deaths that could have been prevented with today's modern medicine.
Charles Clark Marr circe 1913

My subject this week would have been my paternal great uncle. Charles Clark Marr (1910 -1913) my grandmother's little brother. It's probable that I would have met him had he not died as a toddler. My grandmother and great aunt lived to be 92 and 100 years old  respectively. They both had vivid memories of what happened when their brother died.

I just recently found a family photo of the Marrs before Charlie, as he was called, passed away. He looked just as I pictured he would; a beautiful little blonde imp. 👼 My grandmother was very fond of him. He was the only  Marr son, and the last in our branch of the Marr tree. His father, my great grandfather Delaski Marr had two brothers. Ralph (1875 - 1879) and Freddie (1876 - 1879).  The two boys died within 10 days of each other. I could only find Ralph's death certificate, and can't make out what the cause of death was. If you have any idea what it is I would really appreciate if you would comment and let me know! You can click on the image to enlarge, but it really didn't help me at all.

Ralph Marr Death Certiificate