#52 Ancestors Week 52 - "Resolutions"

I resolve to get this posted within the last 12 hours of 2018! While accepting this challenge has been a lot of fun, I am going to take this coming year off. I'll dedicate 2019 to following up on some of the ancestors I have discovered. Like all genealogists, I've got some brick walls I am determined to break through. More of my family members gave each other DNA testing kits for Christmas, so their results will add to the tapestry of our story. Very excited about that.

I find that writing out my goals and intentions helps me stay more committed to  marking them as "DONE". With that in mind, here are some of the things that I'll be focusing on in 2019:

1) Learn more about PHP and how to construct a well formatted blog! I started off last year knowing only the basics I had learned on the job at CFUN. Another reason I liked this challenge is by keeping at it every week, I learned a little bit more about HTML through trial and error...and google.

2) Add the information (with sources) that I uncovered to my ancestors' Wikitree.com  pages. Resolution #1 will help with that, because some of their formatting is challenging for me. I want to become more proficient at adding footnotes, etc.

    ---Paternal fourth great grandmother Phoebe Earl Marr
    ---Paternal fourth great grandfather Major John Button
    ---Paternal fifth great grandmother Gertraudt Van Courtlandt
    ---Maternal 2nd great grandfather Hezekiah West
    ---Paternal 3rd great grandfather from Ireland, William Smith

4) Visit Ontario to catch up with relatives and do some on site research to flesh out more details on my southern Ontario ancestors (Hamilton, Ridgetown, etc.)

5) Scan and add more photos that I currently have to share with those who may appreciate them.

6) Expand on new connections I've made with distant cousins/genealogy buffs around the world. Also reach out to more people.

Thank you to Amy Johnson Crow . She is hosting the challenge again this year. Click on her name to receive instructions. You won't regret it!


  1. you are a hero to me. i want to write historical fiction about some of my ancestors, and you have been a great inspiration to me. thank you!

    1. Thanks Tim. Getting a focal point really helped me. Once you get started, the true stories are sometimes better than fiction! If you start can you post what you find? I'd love to read about it 👍