#52 Ancestors Week 47 - "Thankful"

I practice yoga every day. There are many benefits beyond becoming more flexible and fit. One of those is cultivating a sense of acceptance and gratitude. We all spend a lot of time living in the past   (regretting something you've done or didn't do), or in the future (making lists, plans, worrying about something that might happen). When you breathe and focus for a little bit every day you start to appreciate what is actually happening.  I'm grateful to leave stress and anxiety  behind every time I do my yoga. It is a work in progress. It's called a practice for a reason.
I do love visiting centuries past. I'm grateful that I renewed my interest in genealogy and for the hours of entertainment and satisfaction it brings. I think the line that I am most thankful for are my colonial American ancestors. I had no idea the deep history my paternal ancestors had, being some of the first Europeans in the New World. I wish I would have known when I lived within driving distance to some of the locations. My 1st cousin grew up here in Vancouver where I now live. He's lived a lot of places in the world, but he and his wife live and are raising their children in Boston, minutes from where our first American ancestors settled. Matthias Button, our 8th great grandfather, sailed from England landing in Salem, Massachusetts in 1628. It's less than a half an hour's drive! Definitely a field trip in the future.

Lastly, I'm thankful for my "brick walls". They are a source of endless frustration, but it has only sharpened my resolve to track them down. A few come to mind, but none more than 4th great grandmother Phoebe Earl (Earls, Earll, Earle). She's so annoying! There is a lot of DNA proof linking her to the Earl family of upstate New York, but no birth certificate. My family group on ancestry.com is part of a DNA circle for her and we are all stuck. We are also in a DNA circle with who I believe is her mother, even though there are no records to prove or disprove it. I will find you Ms. Phoebe! 🕵It will be a red letter day when that happens. To be continued...

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