#52 Ancestors Week 45 - "Bearded"

I just realized there are only 7 more posts left in this challenge! Where did the time go? Thanks again to Amy Johnson Crow  for giving a nudge in the right direction to stay disciplined and focused with the ancestry research. I'm part a group of genealogists on Wikitree that have been sharing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks posts in a G2G forum. It's been fun forming that little community. Wikitree founder Chris Whitten and Eowyn have given us the added incentive of receiving a badge if we complete all 52 weeks and provide at least one ancestor or relative for each weekly prompt. Thanks to the challenge I have new people and sources to add to the communal tree (and some corrections to make with new sources) when this challenge is over.  It's not too late to join the Wikitree group. Everything on the site is always 100% free. If you been participating you can add your ancestor and their information here. There are links to enter each week's prompt in the upper right hand corner.

I'm focusing one of my paternal 2nd great grandfathers this week, mainly because I have 3 photographs of him with different facial hair. It's a good reminder to take various photos of our men because they look so different with and with out beards and moustaches! My 2nd great grandfather was William Uriss Little (1840 - 1929). I'll post them in chronological order.  I'm approximating the year based on other people in the photos. The 1st is from a photo of the Little family before my great grandmother was married in 1899.
William Uriss Little
circa 1898

The 2nd must have been some time before my great uncle was born, because he's not in the photo. My grandmother looks to be about 4 -5 years old.
William Uriss Little at the beach
Circa 1909

The baby in the 3rd photo is my father who was born in 1925. I'm guessing he was about 18 months old, but it's hard to tell because he was always a really tall boy!
William Uriss Little & Great grandson
Archibald Beverly Park III - circa 1927

Judging from these photos my 2nd great grandfather was a dapper Dan. It appears as though he was wearing the men's fashions of the day and changed his look from time to time. My aunt remembers that he was a banker, although I can't find documentation to support that yet. The censuses taken during the years he would have been employed don't list occupations as a question. In later years he is enumerated as a "gentleman". Can't argue with that! 👴

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