I loved seeing all of the dogs on social media with the #NationalPuppyDay hashtag. It made me miss my beagle, Bailey. 

We had 14 great years together. She was a good girl.

A few days after she passed away, the google assistant feature in google photos made

this video. The "Bow Wow Wow Wow"  soundtrack was on there and everything. It was a little eerie.
Those algorithms maybe? Ghost in the Machine? I don't know, but it was just what I needed and made me smile. Miss you puppers  🐶💔 🌈
Bailey Jane Herman (April 20, 2003 - July 7, 2017)

(You can click the square on the right hand corner of the video for a bigger screen. I know google photos assistant does this all the time, but the timing on this one...)


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