Progress - It's a Good Thing

Whenever the newsfeed drama gets exacerbating and polemic, I take deep breaths and remind myself that it's not my personal reality at the moment. I was born and raised in America and will always care about what goes on there. The isolationist, partisan, race/class warfare trend is disheartening to say the least. I will not chime in on the latest outburst from the White House. There will be something new and equally shocking tomorrow. Not sure if Canada is on the "shithole country" list, but stuff gets done here politically. Times marches on and policies change.
Shouldn't good government be about making policy? There is a lot of sabre rattling about the US pulling out of NAFTA. Alienating your closest ally and trading partner, great.😐 The current administration has an effect on what happens every where. In the mean time lots of progress up north. Legalized recreational pot is getting all the attention, but there are other federal changes on the way for people and families in 2018.

Click here for more details on new laws and rules for 2018

Some highlights - no pun intended:
By July 1st, 2018, people of legal age will be allowed to publicly possess up to 30 grams of pot. There are issues surrounding the point of sale which will be worked out by then. If a regulated retail framework is not in place in your province, you can order online from a federally licensed producer, and the product will be securely delivered to your home. It should be noted that July 1st is Canada Day, which for this year, shall be known as Cannabis Day for people who celebrate.🎆
New parents can choose to extend their parental leave to 18 months. They will be able to stay home with their children longer by spreading their 12 month federal employment insurance over 18 months Yes, there is a 12 month paid parental leave for either parent, mother or father.
Health Canada has banned manufacturing and importing products that contain microbeads that are commonly used in many health and beauty products.They are now listed as a toxic substance.
Minimum wage will be increased to $15 an hour in several provinces.
It's not hard to get used to living in a country that supports its citizens. When old friends ask me what it's like living in Canada I tell them it's like what living in America used to be like! Cheeky, but true. I have faith in Americans to right the ship. ⛵🕊☮

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